Our Results

Over the years, the Math Corps has posted dramatic results.

Summer test scores typically increase, in six weeks, from pre-test averages of 30% to post-test averages of 90%.  On program evaluations, typically about 98% of students grade the program with A’s or B’s (85% A’s). Parent grades are even higher.  For students who have participated in the Math Corps for at least three summers, the average ACT math score is over 20, significantly higher than Detroit’s average and on par with state and national results.  Best estimates place the high school graduation rate for Math Corps students at over 90%, with about 90% of those students going on to college (80%) or the military (10%).

The Math Corps has gained national attention and widespread acclaim, recently receiving the NY Life Foundation’s 2016 Excellence in Summer Learning Award, as one of the leading programs in the country.  It has been the subject of an award-winning documentary on PBS, It All Adds Up, and has been recognized by both President Bill Clinton and President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence. Awarded a $3 million NSF grant to foster programs in Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Utica, NY, the Math Corps is poised for a major expansion and ready to reach thousands of children nationwide.