Super Saturday Program

Super Saturdays are designed to provide students with support and a connection to the Math Corps family throughout the school year. Specific objectives for Super Saturdays include:

  • Continuing to provide support, build relationships and, strengthen habits and culture of excellence, by reinforcing the math learned in the summer and strengthening our kids by continued exposure and immersion in the Math Corps culture
  • Increasing support to ninth-grade participants in terms both academic and non-academic, with Math Corps serving as an extended second family
  • Assuring that the transition to high school, both academically and socially, is smooth and to mitigate the vulnerabilities of youth who transition from being older middle school students to younger high school students
  • Offering an SAT/ACT prep component for high school students
  • Instituting a teaching assistant training program in which ninth-graders serve as intern teaching assistants and through the experience of working with seventh and eighth-graders, strengthen their own math skills and build confidence as mentors and tutors

The Super Saturdays program mirrors the schedule and activities of the summer camp. Each day a camp-wide assembly formally begins the day, although students may arrive early to have a light breakfast or play games such as chess. Following the assembly, students share a period of “team time”, attend a Real Numbers course, and write in their journals. The Real Numbers courses are the centerpiece courses of the program, reinforcing students’ math fundamentals. “Team Time” is a chance for the TA’s and college student instructors (CI’s) to work individually with the middle schoolers on their Real Numbers coursework, as well a checklist of items that they work on at their own pace.