Our Programs

The Math Corps stands on the belief that all children have a unique and special greatness within them, and that through hard work, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to learning combined with the support of a caring family and community, this greatness can be realized.

We teach Mathematics with a sense of urgency, promoting the learning of Mathematics as an essential component in a child’s education. In the Math Corps, students are challenged rather than remediated and are encouraged to learn in groups and through discovery. Our programs were based on creating a self-perpetuating “corps” of students from middle school through college, who will excel in mathematics and pass their knowledge and appreciation of the subject on to younger students, who will in turn do the same.

Math Corps has changed me as a person. It made me care more about myself and others. It made me empathetic towards others. Most of all it made me come out of my shell. I am more outgoing than before.

8th grade student