Volunteer Spotlight: Alex Manor

We would like to give a WARM Math Corps virtual hug to Alex Manor!

Alex is a former Math Corps instructor who went on to become a Software Engineer at Ford Motor Company.  Alex generously used his one-week vacation to help us build this website from scratch! Yes, you heard that right.  He took a week off work to help out his Math Corps family.

Meanwhile, he is busy raising his own family during this pandemic.  His heroic wife is a nurse who works crazy hours and they have a toddler at home. Alex, and his family’s sacrifice, allowed us to create a virtual meeting place for our Math Corps family to find out the latest and share their stories.  We had nothing a week ago and that is unacceptable at a time when connecting virtually is so important.

Alex Manor and family
Alex, his wife Elena, and his daughter Nora.

Our program is so much more than a math camp, it is a social movement. In a time of social distancing, this can be difficult however technology can bridge that gap.  Unfortunately, technology is not cheap, and we are a non-profit who operates on a very tight budget. We would never have been able to create this dynamic of a website in this short period of time without Alex. THANK YOU, ALEX!! You are a humble and generous hero!