Our programs were developed with one single idea in mind. All things derive from “loving and believing in kids.” Our practices flow from over twenty-five years of asking the same question with respect to every element of the program, and in response to every decision needing to be made – “What does loving and believing in kids look like in this situation?”

From day one – where every child is told they are “unique, beautiful and irreplaceable” to the program’s most advanced classes where all students – regardless of math level participate – knowing their colleagues will support them, “loving and believing in kids” is deliberate. 

While the Math Corps has elements that resemble traditional classroom activities, these form only a small component of the overall learning environment. An accurate description of the Math Corps is as a community of practice – a social environment of participants in which learning takes place informally, through relationships that are developed and our core practices that take place in a variety of contexts. We know from our experiences, that acts of caring and kindness—from praising a student for something as simple as holding the door open for others, making students smile with a joke or a kind word, to providing every student with a “big brother” or “big sister”—are extremely powerful. These ideas have created the culture at Math Corps, and it’s how we continue to grow our programs.

We Believe In Our Kids

Download the Math Corps brochure and discover the benefits of loving and believing in kids.