Philosophy and Principles

Everything begins with loving and believing in kids

Loving kids in the Math Corps means:

  • seeing them, in some real way, as “our kids” – feeling emotionally attached with a sense of responsibility.
  • caring for them in – the moment: a safe place, a good breakfast, a smile, a hug, a funny joke…
  • always putting them first
  • sharing in their joy and sharing in their sadness
  • wanting all good things for them in the future and helping them attain those things.
  • being happy just to see them

Believing in kids, in the Math Corps, means believing that:

  • every child has a unique and special greatness within them – and that, with hard work and the support of a caring family or community, that greatness can be realized.
  • all kids are good kids – who sometimes do bad things.
  • all kids have the capacity to grow – both in character and mind.

18 Principles We Follow At Math Corps


    Cherish every child as unique, beautiful, and irreplaceable – celebrating individuality and always encouraging kids to be themselves.

    Principle #1
  • Provide every child with a “second family” – strong and caring parental figures, and big “brothers” and “sisters” – where, in particular, kids care about and support each other and where social responsibility is constantly promoted.

    Principle #2
  • Immerse every child in a community that is mutually caring and supportive – one that constantly promotes, as equally important, both personal achievement and social responsibility.

    Principle #3

    Teach every child the values of kindness and integrity.

    Principle #4

    Enrich every child educationally – holding to the belief that learning occurs best through relationships.

    Principle #5
  • Share with every child the understanding that the road to greatness passes through constant failure – and that failure is a natural and essential part of success.

    Principle #6
  • Help every child develop his or her own courage – the courage to be themselves, the courage to do the right thing, the courage to face their fears, and the courage to fail.

    Principle #7

    Only the best for our kids (staff, pizza, etc.)

    Principle #8

    Only the best from our kids – high standards and high expectations.

    Principle #9

    The Math Corps Fairness Doctrine: Care about every child equally and treat each child individually.

    Principle #10

    Kids and adults have equal value (positions can be ordered – not people)

    Principle #11

    Humor is essential to every child’s well-being.

    Principle #12

    Every child has the ability to change the word for the better. Inspire them to do so.

    Principle #13
  • Provide a lifetime membership to every child who enters, guaranteeing direct support through every year of middle school and high school.

    Principle #14
  • Empower every child with the gift of mathematics and the attributes of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and independent thought.

    Principle #15

    Promote logic and reason as the basis for most good decision-making.

    Principle #16

    Regularly recognize and celebrate achievement and good acts.

    Principle #17

    Tolerate no violence or any pre-cursor to it (except in cases of self-defense that offer no alternative.)

    Principle #18