If our facts and figures haven't made you a believer, we'd like you to meet our family of donors, alumni, students, and parents. 

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Heidi Magyar, Director of Corporate Giving at General Motors

Carla Chinavare, Director of Youth and Family Programs at Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency

Hear from the Parents

I really appreciate the impact Math Corps has had on my son, socially, academically, + internally. He has struggled in math the past two years. When he returned to school, he took a placement test and scored so high, he was placed in the proficient classroom. We’re both super excited. His class placement isn’t the biggest blessing that can be attributed to Math Corp. He now has more confidence in his work and himself. During summer camp, he was so enthused about going that he started setting his alarm clock, so he wouldn’t be late. This habit has carried over into the school year. The growth and maturity that took place over the summer has really taken a load off of me. Thank you WSU Math Corps Summer Camp for the positive impact you’ve had on my son.

Middle School Parent

My daughter has been in the Math Camp since 7th grade. Over the years I’ve watched my child go from not liking math and achieving low grades, to loving math and excelling tremendously. She entered Cass Tech High School in honors math and in her senior year will be taking AP Calculus. I’m so proud of her. She used to be so shy with low self esteem. Over the years I’ve seen her strengthen in her self esteem, coming into her being, having positive attitude towards things she wants to accomplish in life, feeling as she has a good chance at extending her education beyond high school. I attribute a lot of that to this program. Every year she is so excited to attend, it gives her a since of being with her family away from home. I am most gracious for this program.

High School Parent