About Us

With love, care, and support every kid can find their inner greatness.

Math is just the beginning.

It’s the foundation of this family and the building blocks of what we do.
But we’re also in the business of kindness, integrity, and courage.
Because perseverance is greater than perfection.
We ask nothing less of middle and high school kids than to change the world. And while it may seem lofty, we know their inner resilience.
So we show them love in every way, every day.
Because love is exponential.
Love grows up and comes back to give love again.
Love sets an example.
Love knows that to be it, you have to see it.
With love, care, and support every kid can find their inner greatness.
They just need someone to believe.
We believe.

Established in 1992 at Wayne State University in Detroit, the Math Corps is a mathematics enrichment and mentoring program for middle school and high school students – who come together with college students and mathematicians, to learn mathematics in a university setting. Using a “kids teaching kids” model, and by promoting a strong sense of family, centered around the values of kindness, integrity, and courage, the Math Corps is actually much more than an academic program. Rooted in social justice, the Math Corps is not about math; it’s about kids.


At its core, the Math Corps is about loving kids – always putting kids first and wanting all good things for them, now and in the future – and believing in kids; holding to the unwavering belief that all children have a unique and special greatness within them and that, through hard work and the support of a caring family or community, that greatness can be realized.