When you donate your time, energy, or resources to Math Corps, you are joining a movement.

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Don’t have the extra cash? How about hosting a small fundraiser like a spaghetti dinner, popsicle stand or hula hoop contest? The amount doesn’t matter as much as the love. Remember to take pictures so we can share your success on a future blog.

Corporate Partnerships

Allow us to share our remarkable program with a variety of audiences while increasing our bottom line.

We put the “M” in STEM and STEAM education. If your company supports STEM and STEAM education, then they should partner with us! Corporate giving and sponsorships connect companies in meaningful ways with our remarkable program. Contact us today!

In-Kind Gifts

Have food or other supplies?
  • Do you, or someone you know, own a restaurant or bakery? We have 400+ hungry budding geniuses to feed daily.
  • Do you know anyone who owns a t-shirt printing or sign making company would help us with some budget relieving support?

Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts are a thoughtful way to honor or remember a loved one, or show gratitude for a special achievement in your or someone else’s life.
  • A memorial gift (in memory of) is a meaningful way to remember a loved one who has passed away by making a contribution in his or her memory.
  • An honor gift (in honor of) is a way to mark special occasions (anniversaries, birthdays, graduations) or to pay tribute to an individual who has made a difference in your life.
  • When you make a tribute gift, we will send a letter to the family members or person you are recognizing, acknowledging your thoughtful gift.

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