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Welcome to the Ypsi Math Corps at the University of Michigan

Closely following the educational and mentoring practices of the Math Corps, a phenomenal program that started in 1992 at Wayne State University in Detroit, the Ypsilanti Math Corps at U(M) started in Summer 2019 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The Math Corps is about more than math skills: we prioritize mentorship through a kids-teaching-kids model, providing a positive learning environment and a strong sense of family. 

At the Ypsilanti Math Corps at U(M), there are only 3 rules for our campers:

  1. Be Yourself
  2. Always strive to realize your own greatness
  3. Be Safe

We also have important rules for our staff – 101 of them to be exact!

Please email Professor Sarah Koch at kochsc@umich.edu if you have any questions!

Lead support for the Ypsi Math Corps comes from Michigan Math and the College of LSA.

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The Math Corps Summer Camp and High School Bridge Program serves students who, in the fall, will be entering the 7th, 8th, or 9th grade. High school students entering the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade serve as paid Teaching Assistants (TA’s).

Each day the middle school students receive instruction from University faculty and enjoy a variety of learning activities led by the college and high school students under the supervision of middle and high school teachers. The high school TAs and PAs serve as natural role models for the middle school students, and engage in their own learning of both fundamental and advanced mathematics. Students accepted into the program receive all necessary program supplies.   

Schedule: Students in the program are expected to attend on time and fully all program dates.

Camp Dates: Monday, July 8th, 2024 – Friday, August 9th, 2024

Tuition: Tuition is free for all students thanks to the support of the University of Michigan and the generous contributions of foundations, corporations and individuals.

The Math Corps Super Saturdays Program was designed to serve as a compliment to the Summer Camp. It was developed to offer year-round programming and support to our students. We are very pleased to report that we will start a virtual Super Saturdays program for students in 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade. The day starts with an Assembly at 9:30am, followed by Team Time, and then some activities – we wrap up by noon. Here are the Saturdays we will meet in 2023: 

Fall 2022: Oct 8, Oct 15, Oct 22, Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 12, Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 10, Dec 17
Winter 2023: Jan 14, Jan 21, Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11, Feb 18, Feb 25, March 4, March 11, March 18, April 8, April 15, April 22, April 29, May 6, May 13, May 20, June 3, June 10

All are welcome! Please email Sarah Koch (kochsc@umich.edu) if you would like to join us!

As made apparent in Math Corps’ mission statement, parents and families hold a special and unique place in the Math Corps philosophy and are considered to play an integral role in the success of students.

Here in the Math Corps program, we believe that the key to student success more than anything else is the active involvement of our students’ families. As a result, we respectfully ask and expect that all of our parents/guardians will work to uphold the following high standards and expectations that we hold for all of our students:

  • All students are expected to attend every day. An absence caused by illness, family emergency, or other unforeseen and unavoidable event may be excused, if prompt notification of the circumstances is given to the Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator has sole authority for deciding whether any absence should be excused or not. Family vacations, reunions, and other similar outings conflict with the program’s goals, and so will not be seen as reasons to excuse an absence. Any unexcused absence is grounds for dismissal.
  • All students must be on time every day. An incident of lateness caused by an unforeseen and unavoidable event may be excused, if prompt notification of the circumstances is given to the
    Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator has sole authority for deciding whether any
    lateness should be excused or not. Any unexcused lateness is grounds for dismissal.
  •  All homework assignments are expected to be completed and turned in on time. Failure to complete assignments as required is grounds for dismissal.
  • All participants are to treat each other with respect and courtesy and are to maintain proper behavior at all times, consistent with being part of a university program. Behavior that fails to meet the standards of the Ypsi Math Corps is grounds for dismissal.

To be eligible for the Math Corps at Ypsilanti 2021 Summer Camp, students must be:

  1. Currently in the 6th – 12th grade.
  2. Enrolled in a school in the Ypsilanti area.
  3. Willing to work hard, and exercise behavior appropriate to a university campus
  4. Committed to helping each child who comes to the Math Corps realize their own greatness!

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“I liked that everyone here was funny and cool and it was always fun to learn with my CI’s, TA’s, and CA’s, I hope I see everyone next year because this year was amazingly fun.” – Middle School Camper

” I really love being apart of this family and learning new things. Math Corps gave me something to look forward to, I loved seeing what was in store for each day of camp. Math Corps was really fun even if we were doing it virtually, I really enjoyed it this summer and hope I can come back next summer!!”            – Middle School Camper

“This was such a positive, inspiring experience for me. I’ve never before felt so cared for or felt such a deep sense of belonging. Math Corps really gave me a nurturing community of people who care about me and have given me a boost of energy and self confidence that has been so valuable and powerful for me during this time. I loved my experience at Math Corps.” – High School TA

My experience here at Math Corps was wonderful and I learned a lot about myself. I also gained confidence and created lots of amazing new bonds. I had so much fun and enjoyed coming here every single day.” – High School TA

Stephen DeBacker – As an undergraduate, Stephen DeBacker was inspired to pursue mathematics by renowned teaching masters Gerald Alexanderson and Paul Halmos. He survived graduate school thanks largely to the enthusiastic and effective mentoring of his thesis advisor, the legendary Paul J. Sally, Jr. He tries to pay forward some small part of his debt to these great teachers by working to inspire the next generation of scholars. Since arriving at the University of Michigan in 2002, he has served as director of the Michigan Math Circle, the Michigan Math and Science Scholars, and the Michigan Mathematics Undergraduate Program. He has also worked with elementary and secondary school teachers through the SESAME program (in both Chicago and Boston). In 2011 he was appointed as an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, and in 2012 he was named Carnegie Foundation Professor of the Year for Michigan.

Sarah Koch aka PK2, is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Her research is in the area of complex dynamical systems; she spends lots of time trying to understand the infinitely complicated structure of beautiful fractals that emerge in her work. She has two PhDs in Mathematics, one from the Université de Provence in Marseille, and one from Cornell University. She received the Class of 1923 Memorial Teaching Award in 2016, and the Harold R. Johnson Diversity Service Award in 2020. She was recently awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award from the Michigan Section of the Mathematical Association of America, and she was appointed as an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in 2021. She is proud to be the Director of the Math Corps at U(M) and the organizer of the Math Mondays in Ypsi Program (which has temporarily been replaced with Super Saturdays). In addition to doing Math, she enjoys teaching, working with students, making kindness chains, and beating Professor DeBacker in the step contest.

Math Corps Ypsilanti is not currently recruiting individuals to join our Summer Camp Senior Staff.

Where is the Ypsilanti Math Corps at U(M)?

We are located at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, on Central Campus. 


We have a family trip scheduled that conflicts with the Math Corps. Can my child be excused?

The Math Corps philosophy on attendance is this: one cannot learn if one is not present. Therefore, absences due to family trips, vacations, conflicts with other programs, or similar cases are not excused. 


Is the Math Corps an “everyday” program?

During the Summer, our camp runs Monday – Thursday. Our doors open at 8:30am for breakfast. We ask that all of our students (middle schoolers and high school TAs) arrive by 9am every day, checking in at the Math Atrium in East Hall. Our middle school students are dismissed at 2:45pm, and our high school teaching assistants are dismissed by 3:20pm. 


Who can apply to be in the Math Corps?

Our program is open to any 6th-12th grade student who attends school in the Ypsilanti area.


My high school student needs help in math. Can they apply?

Yes!  However, due to the special tutoring nature of the position that high school students occupy within the Math Corps, they must at least be proficient in 7th and 8th grade Mathematics.  High school students will receive instruction and assistance in their Mathematics courses during the latter part of each program day. 


What supplies does my child need to bring everyday?

All necessary supplies are provided for every student in the Math Corps.  These include: notebook, paper, pencil, journal folder, and a T-shirt, which must be worn every Thursday.


Does your camp provide meals?

Yes: we provide a light breakfast, and we provide lunch each day of camp. 


Is transportation provided?

Yes. We will have a bus that leaves from Ypsi Middle School each day, stopping at Ypsi High on the way to Ann Arbor. In the afternoons, our bus will depart from East Hall, returning to Ypsilanti, stopping at Ypsi High, and then at Ypsi Middle School. We will also provide city bus tokens for our students. 

For questions about the Summer Program, please email Professor Sarah Koch at kochsc@umich.edu.

Life at the Ypsi Math Corps 

The heart of the Math Corps is strong in Ypsilanti! Plus, word on the street is that our math jokes are the best!

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