In our students own words: 1993 edition

This summer is Math Corps’ 30-year anniversary. Since the beginning we’ve had our students write journals, and we’ve saved their words in the Math Corps’ offices all of these years. Read one student’s concluding statement about her experience in the Math Corps all the way back in 1993.

“Final Synopsis of the Math Corps 8/12/93

I really am sad that the program is only 6 weeks. The experience and knowledge that I’ve gained from this program is priceless. If I could even explain the fun and laughter I’ve shared with the Math Corps, it wouldn’t be enough. I’ve watched students grow and change in a matter of weeks. The math skills of these guys has been sharpened more than 75%. Even though we had some trying times and we still have some trying attitudes, as long as the intensity, determination and sheer enjoyment stays the same, the program will be fine in years to come.

Note: This is the kind of program that changes lives, saves lives, and creates life long friendships.