About Us

Since 1992, the Wayne State University Math Corps, a combined mathematics enrichment and mentoring program for Detroit public school students, has worked to provide Detroit’s children with the kinds of educational and lifetime opportunities that all kids deserve.  In a city where the obstacles to success are so daunting, the Math Corps has from the beginning, been about making a difference and changing lives.

The Mission

The mission of the Math Corps is to help as many children as possible realize their own greatness – providing them with the care, love, and support that all kids need in the moment, and empowering them with the kinds of educational and lifetime opportunities that lead to bright futures and the good and decent lives that all kids deserve.

The goal of the Math Corps then, is to ensure that every child, while cared for and supported in the present, goes on to graduate high school, fully prepared to succeed in college or other rewarding post-secondary endeavor – and having the utmost confidence in their own ability to build a good life for themselves and a more just society for all.

Main Principles

The Math Corps stands on the following two basic principles:

I.  High standards and expectations should be held at all times for every student, with regard to both academics and character, and without regard to either past performance or background.

II.  Every student should feel a sense of family, whereby he or she is cared for as an individual, is supported non-academically as well as academically, finds friendships and mentoring relationships that are both meaningful and long-lasting, and is made to feel that he or she belongs to something very special.