Operating In Uncertainty

The Math Corps is a living thing. While certain aspects of the camp remain the same every year, we’re always adapting, improving, and growing with our participants. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been conducting interviews with high school students who applied to be Teaching Assistants in the WSU Math Corps. As always, our students floored us with their responses. 

Interviewer: What do you hope to bring to the Math Corps this summer? 

Students: Hope… Positivity

Interviewer: Why do you want to come back to Math Corps this summer?

Students: To give back to younger students 

More than ever, our students are facing increasingly difficult and uncertain times. With the school year abruptly ended and their day-to-day routines altered – they spoke of hope, positivity, and giving back. The power of our kids continues to inspire us. It reinvigorates us to work harder. At Math Corps, we’re committed to our students. Whether we’re able to run a live camp this summer or offer an online camp we’re striving to offer the same high-quality experience this summer that all students deserve.  

Read an essay one of our high school students submitted a few years ago to get to know the kids we work for.


Teaching Assistant Application Testimonial