National Science Foundation

The Wayne State University (WSU) Center for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics (CEEM) was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Advancing Informational STEM Learning (AISL) Broad Implementation grant to design a replication model of its highly successful and nationally recognized Math Corps program and effectively implement this model at sites in Cleveland, OH; Philadelphia, PA; and Utica, NY.

The project, designed to advance informal STEM learning, has two objectives:

  • Develop a replication model of the Math Corps and establish three replicate sites to inform other STEM learning programs and reach more children from underserved populations.
  • Through rigorous research and evaluation, build knowledge by examining the Math Corps’ innovative social-system and instructional methods.

Deliverables will include an intensive training program in Detroit, an operations manual, a handbook of the Math Corps’ philosophy, principles, and practices and instructional materials. The research team will assess the multiple factors that make the Math Corps successful in Detroit and demonstrate the feasibility of replicating “the Math Corps way”-a social-ethical system integrating staff and students into an informal community of practice.

Program Results

Site Year Attendance Rates Pre-Test Median Post-Test Median MS A/B Ratings HS A/B Ratings
Cleveland 1(4w) 94% 27% 80% 92% 100%
2(6w) 86% 30% 88% 94% 97%
Philadelphia 1(4w) 97% 28% 94% 100% 100%
2(4w) 96% 25% 95% 96% 90%
Utica 1(4w) 95% 37% 78% 91% 86%
2(4w) 82% 39% 72% 84% 89%