Summer Camp Update

As we planned for what Math Corps 2020 would look like this year, we quickly realized there was a lot of questions to be answered. How could we connect with our family online? Would students be able to feel the love and support being given to them through a zoom meeting? How could we make this work? With all these questions came one simple answer, we would make it work because that is what would be best for our kids. Although there would inevitably be bumps along the way, we would adapt, adjust, and make it the best experience possible for our kids during this unknown time.

After completing the first three weeks of camp, I am proud to say we did exactly that. Everyone involved stepped up to the plate to meet the new demands of an online camp. Kids are promptly logging in online at 9:30 am for assembly. They are prepared and participating, just as they did last year for face-to-face meetings. Kids have learned to navigate from one zoom room to another zoom room throughout different parts of the day. Parents have been exceedingly supportive as they also learn to navigate the new mode of learning. They have been working with their children and helping them understand the important aspects of camp.        

Just like any family, our family has met several challenges this year. These challenges are different from any other year, but our Math Corps family has held strong during this unexpected pandemic. We are navigating this new virtual world together, as a family, and learning from it. Math Corps has always been about loving and believing in kids – and this year – the family love and support is as strong as ever!