Featured Alumni: Emmanuel Pierce

We love hearing from alumni and sharing stories about what they’re doing these days. Emmanuel Pierce attended Math Corps for four summers between 2008 and 2011 as both a middle school camper and a high school teaching assistant. He graduated from high school in 2012 and currently works as an Attorney at the University of Michigan. We’re so proud of you!

How did Math Corps help you achieve your personal/professional goals?

Math Corps taught me a lot of personal discipline and self-confidence. I struggled with that as young kid because I was smart and advanced, but it was not cool in public school to be that way. Math Corps allowed me to be my authentic self and pushed me to learn and achieve more that way I could have imagined.

What is your favorite Math Corps Memory?

My Favorite Memory will always be as a TA our last meeting at the end of year and reflecting on our students and how far they had come and for us how far we had come as well. That meeting had a lot of emotion because it was the last time, we would all be together so it brought up every memory of Math Corp and of our friendships we had developed. That memory kind of encompasses my whole time at Math corp.