In Our Students’ Own Words: The Heart of a T.A.

I hope this tells him that I am only trying to make him the best student there has ever been.

This summer, we began tackling the project of digitally scanning in our massive collection of handwritten student journals, with the help of a few students from the University of Michigan Ginsberg Center.

In the process, we uncovered hidden gems, such as this entry from a 1997 T.A. below, which reveals how we care for each other at Math Corps and the special effect a T.A. can have on even a reluctant student:

I just stopped and talked to him person to person, not T.A. to student, … He straightened up then. He asked me about the homework for tonight, about adding decimals. I told him everything I know about it…

These journals are an essential and precious part of Math Corps, and we hope to rediscover and better preserve them through the digitizing process!