Remembering Sue Marx: Celebrating Her Legacy with Math Corps

It is with heavy hearts that we pay tribute to the passing of Sue Marx, an extraordinary filmmaker. Among her remarkable body of work, Sue produced the captivating documentary about the Math Corps, a program very close to her heart.

Just days before her passing, Sue spoke about the Math Corps project, revealing the immense pride she felt for both the documentary and the program itself. Despite receiving accolades such as an Academy Award and numerous Emmys, Sue found joy in highlighting the Math Corps program.

Through her lens, Sue captured the essence of Math Corps, showcasing its transformative impact on young minds and the invaluable contributions it has made to the community. Her storytelling brought to life the dedication of the educators, the resilience of the students, and the strong connections fostered within the program.

As we reflect on Sue’s remarkable career and the profound impact she made through her work, we recommit ourselves to the mission of Math Corps, ensuring that her work recognizing our kids continues. We celebrate her life and cherish the documentary that immortalized the essence of the Math Corps, forever preserving her passion for community and education.