Math Corps Shines at Capitol Day 2024

Last Thursday, Math Corps had the incredible opportunity to participate in Capitol Day at the Michigan Capitol, and what a day it was! Our kids and team members made a lasting impression, showcasing the importance of math education and community engagement.

A highlight of the day was the private tour and talk given by State Representative Tyrone Carter to our kids. Representative Carter shared valuable insights about political engagement and the power of education after the tour. His words resonated deeply with our young learners, reinforcing the significance of their voices in shaping the future.

We were also honored to receive recognition on the Senate floor from State Senator Stephanie Chang, who highlighted Math Corps’ dedication to kids in the community. This shoutout underscored the impact of our program and the hard work of our kids.

At our activity table, the excitement was palpable as visitors engaged in lively math problem-solving sessions. People eagerly participated, solving math problems for Math Corps merchandise and shared stories about what makes them special. It was heartwarming to witness such enthusiasm and support for math education.

This successful event reaffirmed Math Corps’ commitment to fostering a love for math and community engagement among our students. We are grateful to everyone who participated and supported us during Capitol Day.

Stay tuned for more updates and events from Math Corps as we continue to inspire and empower young minds through mathematics.

Let’s keep counting on a brighter future!