Math Corps Year End Giving Campaign

Math Corps Year-End Giving Camapaign


Did you know it costs about $2,000 to put one kid through Math Corps each summer?

Every year we start from zero and work hard to raise the money necessary to ensure Math Corps can be there for our kids. 


So, to help raise awareness about how awesome Math Corps is and fund future Math Corps geniuses, we are starting to create Math Corps merch! We hope people will show our mug with pride on their Zoom calls, in their community, office, and home.  We have been Detroit’s best-kept secret for too long.  Let’s tell them who we are and why they should care!


For every donation of $25 or more, you will receive this camper’s mug as a thank you for your donation.  All donations over $100, will receive this stylish jacket!  Please specify, in the notes section, if you would prefer not to receive a gift.  For all gifts over $100, please include your size and style preference.  These jackets come in men’s and women’s styles.  Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

By donating to Math Corps you  . . .

  • Help to create a more just society
  • Support our 2021 Math Corps Summer Camps
  • Help kids find their inner-greatness
  • Support our core values of courage, kindness, and integrity
  • Show Math Corps LOVE

A safe environment, a sense of family, and a strong education are the basic necessities for a productive life and a more just society.

What is Math Corps?

The Math Corps is a movement that’s aiming to creating a better world and a more just society for all. We run summer camps and supplementary Saturday programs in areas that are traditionally underrepresented and disadvantaged. We engage with local school districts and universities in our work to help kids realize their inner-greatness. Oh yeah, we teach math too. 

How do you choose locations to build a Math Corps?

The Math Corps is a lifetime program, so our partnerships run deep.  We work in communities that are traditionally disadvantaged, and with kids who need us the most.  We work with partners who believe in the same ethos as us; that with love, care, and support every kid can find their inner greatness. 

If you would prefer to donate by check, please send payment to: Math Corps  Attn: Development 261 East Maple Road Birmingham, MI 48009